Welcome to Wiregrass RC&D

  • What is the Wiregrass RC&D
    What is the Wiregrass RC&D

    Welcome to the new Wiregrass RC&D website. We have added lots of new information, articles and have updated our Online Grant Application Process. Also, check out our new "Featured Project" area to found out more about what is going on in your area and how you can get involved in your local community.


  • Wiregrass RC&D Grant Applications
    Wiregrass RC&D Grant Applications

    Here at the Wiregrass RC&D, we offer an online grant application process. We are requiring this process via our website to ensure that we are collecting consistent information from all applicants. We thank you for visiting the Wiregrass RC&D Online Application Section and encourage you to review the latest information on our web site regarding other projects that are on going in our community.

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  • Featured Projects
    Featured Projects

    The RC&D program was initiated by USDA in 1962 to help people care for, protect their natural resources and improve their area's economy, environment, and living standards. The Wiregrass RC&D provides valuable services to the Wiregrass community through a variety of projects and initiatives click the "Read More" button to see what projects are currently going on in the community.


The Wiregrass RC&D is now accepting Online Applications for 2014. Follow the link above to submit your application today.


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